Jonathan Zaccaria

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Features of hepatic bilirubin transport were studied with the isolated perfused rat liver. Male Wistar rats weighing 350-400 g were used as liver donors. When bilirubin was constantly infused into the perfusion medium, which contained sheep erythrocytes and 3.0 g/100 ml bovine serum albumin, the maximal excretion rate for bilirubin was 14.4 +/- 1.2 mug/min(More)
The effects of scillaren and dinitrophenol on bilirubin excretion by the perfused rat liver were studied. Both compounds inhibited bile flow, scillaren by 20 to 40%, and dinitrophenol by 60 to 80%. Bilirubin excretion was also impaired. However, the effect of scillaren on bilirubin excretion was less than that on bile flow, as indicated by an increase in(More)
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