Jonathan Y. Lukoff

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This paper describes Kaiser Permanente's (KP) enterprise-wide medical terminology solution, referred to as our Convergent Medical Terminology (CMT). Initially developed to serve the needs of a regional electronic health record, CMT has evolved into a core KP asset, serving as the common terminology across all applications. CMT serves as the definitive(More)
The Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a phenomenon in which symptoms of a disease are fabricated by some person other than the patient. This report describes and 8-week-old infant with repetitive bleeding episodes, presumably originating from the upper respiratory tract. Extensive investigations, including angiography, several endoscopies under general(More)
Use of an electronic health record (EHR) will help us to realize the full potential of modern medical care. To optimize the functionality of a " virtual " record, universal informatics standards are needed. Standards for coded medical terminologies and for a common representation of clinical data will allow patient information to be transmitted clearly and(More)
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