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Technologies for silencing the electrical activity of genetically targeted neurons in the brain are important for assessing the contribution of specific cell types and pathways toward behaviors and pathologies. Recently we found that archaerhodopsin-3 from Halorubrum sodomense (Arch), a light-driven outward proton pump, when genetically expressed in(More)
Current antidepressants must be administered for several weeks to produce therapeutic effects. We show that selective serotonin 2C (5-HT2C) antagonists exert antidepressant actions with a faster-onset (5 days) than that of current antidepressants (14 days) in mice. Subchronic (5 days) treatment with 5-HT2C antagonists induced antidepressant behavioral(More)
  • R I Glass, R B Craven, D J Bregman, B J Stoll, N Horowitz, P Kerndt +1 other
  • 1980
We examined the circumstances of death and injury among victims of the tornado that struck Wichita Falls, Texas, on 10 April 1979. We also assessed the protective measures taken by a representative sample of community residents who suffered no major injury in order to estimate the relative risk of injury to people directly in the tornado's path. Twenty-six(More)
Mobile technology (e.g., smartphones and tablets) has provided psychologists with a wonderful opportunity: through careful design and implementation, mobile applications can be used to crowd source data collection. By garnering massive amounts of data from a wide variety of individuals, it is possible to explore psychological questions that have, to date,(More)
Airport security personnel search for a large number of prohibited items that vary in size, shape, color, category-membership, and more. This highly varied search set creates challenges for search accuracy, including how searchers are trained in identifying a myriad of potential targets. This challenge has both practical and theoretical implications (i.e.,(More)
Life is not a series of independent events, but rather, each event is influenced by what just happened and what might happen next. However, many research studies treat any given trial as an independent and isolated event. Some research fields explicitly test trial-to-trial influences (e.g., repetition priming, task switching), but many, including visual(More)
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