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BACKGROUND Previous studies have been unable to characterise the association between physical activity and obesity, possibly because most relied on inaccurate measures of physical activity and obesity. METHODS AND FINDINGS We carried out a cross sectional analysis on 5,500 12-year-old children enrolled in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and(More)
AIM To assess the association between weight gain at different time periods during childhood and measures of adiposity in late adolescence. METHODS A population-based birth cohort carried out in Pelotas, a 320 000-inhabitant city in a relatively developed area in Southern Brazil. All newborns in the city's hospitals were enrolled in 1982. Weight gain from(More)
BACKGROUND Previous US-based studies have found that chronic kidney disease (CKD) disproportionately affects those of more adverse social circumstances. Our aim was to show the association between socioeconomic status (SES) and decreased kidney function in a European context and explore the role of obesity and metabolic syndrome. We consider the potential(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the cross-sectional and prospective associations between physical activity and body composition in adolescence. This is a prospective study, including 4,103 adolescents belonging to the Pelotas (Brazil) 1993 birth cohort, who were followed up at the mean ages of 11.3 and 14.7 years. Subsample analyses included 511(More)
Autonomic dysreflexia (AD), a potentially dangerous complication of high-level spinal cord injury (SCI) characterized by exaggerated activation of spinal autonomic (sympathetic) reflexes, can cause pulmonary embolism, stroke, and, in severe cases, death. People with high-level SCI also are immune compromised, rendering them more susceptible to infectious(More)
synaesthetic's list of associations is idiosyncratic, with no discernible common-alities even among identical twins. But any one person's associations remain very stable over time. This is the basis of the now-standard 'test for genuineness' , which checks the constancy of a subject's associations for a given list of words — non-synaesthetics tend to match(More)
OBJECTIVES This study sets out to investigate the intergenerational associations between the body mass index (BMI) of parents and the body composition of their offspring. METHODS The cross-sectional data were analyzed for 511 parent-offspring trios from London and south-east England. The offspring were aged 5-21 years. Parental BMI was obtained by recall(More)