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This paper advances descriptor-based face recognition by suggesting a novel usage of descriptors to form an over-complete representation, and by proposing a new metric learning pipeline within the same/not-same framework. First, the Over-Complete Local Binary Patterns (OCLBP) face representation scheme is introduced as a multi-scale modified version of the(More)
Manifold learning methods are useful for high dimensional data analysis. Many of the existing methods produce a low dimensional representation that attempts to describe the intrinsic geometric structure of the original data. Typically, this process is computationally expensive and the produced embedding is limited to the training data. In many real life(More)
One of the main challenges in Computed Tomography (CT) is how to balance between the amount of radiation the patient is exposed to during scan time and the quality of the CT image. We propose a mathematical model for adaptive CT acquisition whose goal is to reduce dosage levels while maintaining high image quality at the same time. The adaptive algorithm(More)
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