Jonathan Wang

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Two square 0, 1 matrices A, B are a pair of Lehman matrices if AB T = J + dI, where J is the matrix of all 1s and d is a positive integer. It is known that there are infinitely many such matrices when d = 1, and these matrices are called thin Lehman matrices. An induced subgraph of the Johnson graph may be defined given any Lehman matrix, where the vertices(More)
It is demonstrated experimentally and theoretically that through the use of an active (feedback) controller one can dramatically modify the nature of the flow in a toroidal thermal convection loop heated from below and cooled from above. In particular, we show how a simple control strategy can be used to suppress (laminarize) the naturally occurring chaotic(More)
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Forming an effective multi-robot team to perform a task is a key problem in many domains. The performance of a multi-robot team depends on the robots the team is composed of, where each robot has different capabilities. Team performance has previously been modeled as the sum of single-robot capabilities, and these capabilities are assumed to be known. Is(More)
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