Jonathan W Plaue

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Early in 2009, a state policing agency raided a clandestine drug laboratory in a suburb of a major city in Australia. During the search of the laboratory, a small glass jar labelled "Gamma Source" and containing a green powder was discovered. The powder was radioactive. This paper documents the detailed nuclear forensic analysis undertaken to characterise(More)
Pressure dependent angle-dispersive x-ray powder diffraction measurements of alpha-phase aluminum trifluoride (α-AlF3) and separately, aluminum triiodide (AlI3) were conducted using a diamond-anvil cell. Results at 295 K extend to 50 GPa. The equations of state of AlF3 and AlI3 were determined through refinements of collected x-ray diffraction patterns. The(More)
Third phase formation in the extraction of Pu(IV) nitrate by 30% tri-n-butyl phosphate (TBP) dissolved in n-dodecane or in the highly branched diluent hydrogenated polypropylene tetramer (HPT), which may also be known as 4,4 dipropyl Received 22 June 2005, Accepted 31 October 2005 The views expressed are solely those of the authors and no official support(More)
Uranium ore concentrates (UOCs) are produced at mining facilities from the various types of uranium-bearing ores using several processes that can include different reagents, separation procedures, and drying conditions. The final UOC products can consist of different uranium species, which are important to identify to trace interdicted samples back to their(More)
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