Jonathan W. Decker

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The Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 (“Kinect”) provides a convenient and inexpensive depth sensor and, with the Microsoft software development kit, a skeleton tracker (Figure 2). These have great potential to be useful as virtual environment (VE) control interfaces for avatars or for viewpoint control. In order to determine its suitability for our(More)
Multi-valued data sets are increasingly common, with the number of dimensions growing. A number of multi-variate visualization techniques have been presented to display such data. However, evaluating the utility of such techniques for general data sets remains difficult. Thus most techniques are studied on only one data set. Another criticism that could be(More)
Properly perceived stereo display is often assumed to be vital in augmented reality (AR) displays used for close distances, echoing the general understanding from the perception literature. However, the accuracy of the perception of stereo in head-worn AR displays has not been studied greatly. We conducted a user study to elicit the precision of stereo(More)
Datasets over a spatial domain are common in a number of fields, often with multiple layers (or variables) within data that must be understood together via spatial locality. Thus one area of long-standing interest is increasing the number of variables encoded by properties of the visualization. A number of properties have been demonstrated and/or proven(More)
Multivariate visualization (MVV) aims to provide insight into complex data sets with many variables. The analyst's goal may be to understand how one variable interacts with another, to identify potential correlations between variables, or to understand patterns of a variable's behavior over the domain. Summary statistics and spatially abstracted plots of(More)
Multivariate visualization techniques have been applied to a wide variety of visual analysis tasks and a broad range of data types and sources. Their utility has been evaluated in a modest range of simple analysis tasks. In this work, we extend our previous task to a case of time-varying data. We implemented five visualizations of our synthetic test data:(More)
Crohn's disease (CD) is an idiopathic chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Accurate diagnosis of the disease is of great clinical importance to assess its prognosis and success of therapy. Recent studies have validated and confirmed the potential utility of anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast; ASCA) IgG/IgA antibodies and anti-M. avium ss.(More)
The technique of external rhinoplasty has enjoyed a renaissance over the last ten years, primarily for cosmetic and functional septorhinoplasty, and we have found this to be an effective method for nasal reconstruction. Moreover, we have recognized the versatility of this approach for a variety of rhinologic problems and have utilized it for transsphenoidal(More)
Adolescence is a time of profound change for individuals. It is a period that witnesses biologic, social, and psychological change in the individual as well as role changes within the family and peer groups. Compounding these difficult transitions with the onset of inflammatory bowel disease leads to additional problems with adolescence adjustment. In the(More)