Jonathan W. Boyd

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CONTEXT Studies of selected groups of persons with mental illness, such as those who are institutionalized or seen in mental health clinics, have reported rates of smoking to be higher than in persons without mental illness. However, recent population-based, nationally representative data are lacking. OBJECTIVE To assess rates of smoking and tobacco(More)
Changes in plasma or serum enzymes and isoenzymes are useful indicators of tissue damage in many diseases. Enzyme increases are usually related to leakage of enzymes from damaged cells. The amount of increase depends on factors such as the concentration of enzyme in the cells, the rate of leakage of enzyme from cells and the rate of clearance of enzyme from(More)
Twenty-seven newborn Holstein bull calves were bottle-fed 2 litres of pooled colostrum which had been stored at -20 degrees C. Blood gas analysis before feeding showed a partially compensated respiratory acidosis in most of the calves, although they all appeared to be clinically normal. Mean venous blood pH was 7.346, carbon dioxide tension (PCO2) was 57.5(More)
Of the birth defects associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy, in situ growth retardation resulting in neonates that are small for gestational age is the most common observation in both humans and animal models. A variety of alcohol-induced alterations in maternal, placental and/or fetal physiology have been proposed as the basis for this(More)
The hypogastric nerve is a major pathway innervating the uterine cervix, yet its contribution to the processes of cervical ripening and parturition is not known. The main objective of this study was to determine the effect of hypogastric nerve transection on remodeling of the cervix and timing of birth. As an initial goal, processes associated with(More)
Richardson, E. M., Bulaschenko, H. & Dohan, F. C. (1958). J. clin. Endocrin. 18, 666. Richardson, E. M., Touchstone, J. C., Dohan, F. C., Bulaschenko, H., Landolt, I. & Applin, W. (1955). J. clin. Invest. 34, 285. Rimini, E. (1901). Gazz. chim. ital. 31, II, 84. Romani, J. D. (1956a). C.R. Soc. Biol., Paris, 150, 644. Romani, J. D. (1956b). C.R. Soc. Biol.,(More)
The transfer of immunoglobulin (Ig) isotypes (IgG1, IgG2, IgM), gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (gamma-GT) and added D-xylose from colostrum to serum was investigated in newborn Holstein bull calves. Significant differences were observed in the time courses of the serum concentrations of these colostrum constituents following absorption from pooled colostrum.(More)