Jonathan Vandenberg

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STUDY OBJECTIVE To evaluate the factors that influence clinicians' choices of parenteral medications in the emergency department (ED) management of migraine headache. BACKGROUND Migraine headache is a common problem in the United States. Many migraineurs require periodic ED management. Though a large variety of parenteral medications are used by ED(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The practice patterns of US emergency departments in the treatment of patients with isolated benign headache have been recently described. How treatment varies among EDs has not been reported. To assess institutional variability in the pharmacotherapy of patients with benign headache, we describe and analyze the practice patterns of 3 US(More)
Current suction equipment is often inadequate at clearing the oropharynx. This study tested the hypothesis that evacuation times of simulated vomitus could be significantly improved by increasing suction tube and connection port diameters. Two standard suction systems and a new large-diameter suction system were tested. Mean evacuation times for 90 mL (an(More)
Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of disease-related death among children 0 to 14 years and incidence varies by race, ethnicity, sex, geographic locale, and age at onset. However, data are unavailable in some regions, indicative of a need for such information for cancer awareness, education and prevention program. We utilized retrospective(More)
Airway management is the highest priority in any resuscitation. Suction equipment capable of rapidly clearing the oropharynx is mandatory for airway management. Inadequate oropharyngeal suction with standard equipment may be associated with major complications in emergency airway management. We report cases that illustrate the inadequacies of standard(More)
Aspiration of vomitus is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Standard suction equipment may be incapable of rapidly evacuating vomitus from the oropharynx. In this prospective, randomized, controlled bench trial, we compared a large-diameter suction system (5/8-inch open-bore suction tip and 3/4-inch tubing attached to a 1-inch pour spout)(More)
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