Jonathan V. Hill

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BACKGROUND Low-molecular weight (LMW) proteins, including albumin and novel urinary biomarkers of acute kidney injury (AKI) such as cystatin C and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL), are normally absorbed from the glomerular filtrate by receptor-mediated transport. We evaluated the effect of albuminuria on urinary excretion of novel(More)
This paper compares three methods for estimating renal function, as tested in rats. Acute renal failure (ARF) was induced via a 60-min bilateral renal artery clamp in 8 Sprague-Dawley rats and renal function was monitored for 1 week post-surgery. A two-compartment model was developed for estimating glomerular filtration via a bolus injection of a(More)
We investigated renal hemodynamics in isolated, perfused kidneys from rat models of diabetes and hypertension. Autoregulation and passive vascular responses were measured using stepped pressure ramps in the presence of angiotensin II (pEC50) or papaverine (0.1 mM), respectively. Male diabetic heterozygote m(Ren2)27 rats were compared with three male control(More)
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