Jonathan Tarquino

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Architectural distortion (AD) is a common cause of false-negatives in mammograms. This lesion usually consists of a central retraction of the connective tissue and a spiculated pattern radiating from it. This pattern is difficult to detect due the complex superposition of breast tissue. This paper presents a novel AD characterization by representing the(More)
Spatial resolution of Diffusion Weighted (DW) images is currently limited by diverse considerations. This situation introduces a series of artifacts, such as the partial volume effect (PVE), that therefore affect the sensitivity of DW imaging analysis. In this paper, a new multiscale/sparse super-resolution method increases the spatial resolution of the DW(More)
Diffusion Weighted (DW) imaging have proven to be useful in brain architectural analyses and in research about the brain tract organization and neuronal connectivity. However, the clinical use of DW images is currently limited by a series of acquisition artifacts, such as the partial volume effect (PVE), that affect the spatial resolution, and therefore,(More)
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