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We describe the Generic Smart Alarm, an architectural framework for the development of decision support modules for a variety of clinical applications. The need to quickly process patient vital signs and detect patient health events arises in many clinical scenarios, from clinical decision support to tele-health systems to home-care applications. The events(More)
In this note, we use a consistently defined set of metropolitan areas to study patterns and trends in black hypersegregation from 1970 to 2010. Over this 40-year period, 52 metropolitan areas were characterized by hypersegregation at one point or another, although not all at the same time. Over the period, the number of hypersegregated metropolitan areas(More)
Brain tissue oxygen (PbtO2) monitors are threshold-based, and so trigger actions based on presumption of tissue compromise when PbtO2 is less than 20 mmHg. Some published practice guidelines suggest that a seizure is a potential culprit when PbtO2 crosses this threshold. The evidence for this assumption is slim. Data were collected as part of a prospective(More)
This paper analyzes labor market matching in the presence of search and informational frictions, by studying employer recruiting on college campuses. Based on employer and university interviews, I develop a model describing how firms choose target campuses given relevant frictions. The model predicts that with screening costs, the decision to recruit and(More)
A systematic analysis of residential segregation and spatial interaction by income reveals that as income rises, minority access to integrated neighborhoods, higher levels of interaction with whites, and more affluent neighbors also increase. However, the income payoffs are much lower for African Americans than other groups, especially Asians. Although(More)
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