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Bone–Patellar Tendon–Bone Autograft Versus Allograft in Outcomes of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Background: Bone–patellar tendon–bone (BPTB) is a common autograft and allograft source used for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. Although the failure rate is generally higher forExpand
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Silica-induced activation of c-Jun-NH2-terminal amino kinases, protracted expression of the activator protein-1 proto-oncogene, fra-1, and S-phase alterations are mediated via oxidative stress.
Crystalline silica has been classified as a group 1 human carcinogen in the lung. However, its mechanisms of action on pulmonary epithelial cells which give rise to lung cancers are unclear. Using aExpand
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Lower extremity injuries in the skeletally immature athlete.
The heightened intensity of training and competition among young athletes places them at increased risk for both acute and chronic injuries. Prompt recognition and treatment of such injuries areExpand
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Vascular injuries after minor blunt upper extremity trauma: pitfalls in the recognition and diagnosis of potential "near miss" injuries
BackgroundLow energy trauma to the upper extremity is rarely associated with a significant vascular injury. Due to the low incidence, a high level of suspicion combined with appropriate diagnosticExpand
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Obesity and Osteoarthritis: More Than Just Wear and Tear
&NA; A link has been established between obesity and osteoarthritis (OA), but the precise relationship has yet to be defined. OA has a multifactorial etiology, and obesity is consistently identifiedExpand
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Outcomes of meniscal repair: minimum of 2-year follow-up.
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the success rate of meniscal repair achieved in our sports medicine practice, particularly with interest in characterizing the outcomes observedExpand
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The effect of interference screw diameter on soft tissue graft fixation.
Tibial fixation of soft-tissue grafts is a weak link in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Previous studies have examined varying interference screw lengths, screw types and tunnel sizes asExpand
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Nonarthroplasty Surgical Treatment Options for Massive, Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears
Massive, irreparable rotator cuff tears (MIRCTs) provide a significant dilemma for orthopaedic surgeons. One treatment option for MIRCTs is reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. However, other methodsExpand
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Arthroscopic revision of Bankart repair.
The success of revision surgery for failed Bankart repair is not well known. This purpose of this study was to report the success rates achieved using arthroscopic techniques to revise failed BankartExpand
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Arthroscopic Rotator Interval Closure
Background The effect of arthroscopic rotator interval closure on glenohumeral motion and translation is not well understood, nor is the ideal location or number of sutures required for closure.Expand
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