Jonathan T. Henry

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We are interested in the positive allosteric modulation of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine (ACh) receptors and have recently shown that the anthelmintic compound morantel potentiates by enhancing channel gating of the alpha3beta2 subtype. Based on the demonstration that morantel-elicited currents were inhibited by the classic ACh competitor(More)
Uncovering the quantitative laws that govern the growth and division of single cells remains a major challenge. Using a unique combination of technologies that yields unprecedented statistical precision, we find that the sizes of individual Caulobacter crescentus cells increase exponentially in time. We also establish that they divide upon reaching a(More)
Prokaryotes and eukaryotes synthesize long chains of orthophosphate, known as polyphosphate (polyP), which form dense granules within the cell. PolyP regulates myriad cellular functions and is often localized to specific subcellular addresses through mechanisms that remain undefined. In this study, we present a molecular-level analysis of polyP subcellular(More)
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