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PURPOSE Lesion volume is often used as an end point in clinical trials of oncology therapy. We sought to compare the common method of using orthogonal diameters to estimate lesion volume (the diameter method) with a computer-assisted planimetric technique (the perimeter method). METHODS Radiologists reviewed 825 magnetic resonance imaging studies from 219(More)
Current clinical methods for the assessment of Parkinson's disease suffer from inconvenience, infrequency and subjectivity. WiiPD is an approach for the objective home based assessment of Parkinson's disease which utilizes the intuitive and sensor rich Nintendo Wii Remote. Combined with an electronic patient diary, a suite of mini-games, a metric analyzer,(More)
The availability of datasets capturing the performance of activities of daily living is limited by difficulties associated with the collection of such data. Software solutions can mitigate these limitations, providing researchers with the ability to rapidly generate simulated data. This paper describes the use of IE Sim to create a simulated intelligent(More)
Herein we describe the changes in the gene expression profile of Candida parapsilosis associated with the acquisition of experimentally induced resistance to azole antifungal drugs. Three resistant strains of C. parapsilosis were obtained following prolonged in vitro exposure of a susceptible clinical isolate to constant concentrations of fluconazole,(More)
A globally ageing population is resulting in an increased prevalence of chronic conditions which affect older adults. Such conditions require long-term care and management to maximize quality of life, placing an increasing strain on healthcare resources. Intelligent environments such as smart homes facilitate long-term monitoring of activities in the home(More)
This paper introduces WiiPD, an approach to home-based objective assessment of Parkinson's disease. WiiPD aims to make use of the many capabilities of the Nintendo Wii Remote in combination with a number of bespoke data gathering methods to provide a rich and engaging user experience that can capture a wide range of motor and non-motor metrics. In this(More)
Development, testing and validation of algorithms for smart home applications are often complex, expensive and tedious processes. Research on simulation of resident activity patterns in Smart Homes is an active research area and facilitates development of algorithms of smart home applications. However, the simulation of passive infrared (PIR) sensors is(More)
Current clinical methods of Parkinson's disease assessment are known to be subjective and potentially error prone. This paper presents a preliminary investigation into the development of a novel approach for the assessment of Parkinsonian tremor. The approach is based on a computer vision technique with the aim of providing a more objective, frequent, yet(More)