Jonathan Sternlieb

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Gibbon's rotating cylinder could not be enlarged to oxygenate an animal larger than a cat. The spinning disc oxygenator, introduced in 1947, had the capacity to perfuse a dog and the potential to increase oxygenation capacity by addition of more discs. When centers began to do three to four open-heart operations per day, the disposable bubble oxygenator was(More)
Intramyocardial dissecting hematoma following myocardial infarction is an unusual form of subacute cardiac rupture that tends to develop along naturally occurring dissection planes between the spiral muscles of the ventricle. The diagnosis has commonly been made at surgery, postmortem examination, or by echocardiography. Most are associated with acute(More)
On review, all thromboembolic complications in mechanical heart valves start from a thrombus lining that covers the suture ring. The thrombus organizes to a fibrous white sheet over the suture ring, which then can protrude out over the polished surface of the valve ring flange. Pieces of the thrombus can be knocked off by the disc and cause emboli. To(More)
The Björk-Shiley monostrut valve, with a modified surface, was implanted in mitral position in 72 goats. An unhurried technique of isolated sutures through the wafer-thin base of the completely excised mitral valve in the beating heart at normothermia gave consecutive long-term survival in the goats without anticoagulation--up to one year. From the first(More)
The expense for routine postoperative surveillance contributes importantly to the cost of cardiac operations. This study was established to determine the feasibility of earlier dismissals following surgery and whether this would be accompanied by increased risk. All 80 adult cardiac surgery patients undergoing a cardiac operation at one institution during(More)
Optimum surface porosity of a prosthetic heart valve was obtained with use of microspheres less than 40 microns in diameter. A thin and translucent neointima then forms on the valve surface, so thin that its nutrition is supplied by diffusion and thickening will not take place, thereby avoiding interference with the functioning disc. Larger microspheres(More)
Commercially available surgical gloves contain a derivative of cornstarch and peritonitis induced by particles of starch shed from gloves can be a serious complication of abdominal surgery. Five documented and two suspected cases of this condition are known to have occurred at this institution during a recent 12-month period, when 4,965 intra-abdominal(More)
To diminish the risk of thrombosis on a mechanical heart valve without anticoagulation, specific areas of the valve ring should be polished, as thrombosis has not been found to start there. By limiting the porous-surfaced area to the groove and the adjacent part of the flange, the thin endothelialized covering of the carbonized suture ring will continue(More)