Jonathan Sterne

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BACKGROUND Excluding clinical trials reported in languages other than English from meta-analyses may introduce bias and reduce the precision of combined estimates of treatment effects. We examined the influence of trials published in languages other than English on combined estimates and conclusions of published meta-analyses. METHODS We searched journals(More)
BACKGROUND Poor recruitment and retention of participants in randomised controlled trials (RCTs) is problematic but common. Clear and detailed reporting of participant flow is essential to assess the generalisability and comparability of RCTs. Despite improved reporting since the implementation of the CONSORT statement, important problems remain. This paper(More)
Height is associated with mortality from many diseases, but it remains unclear whether the association is causal or due to confounding by social factors, genetic pleiotropy,(1) or existing ill-health. The authors investigated whether the association of height with mortality is causal by using a son's height as an instrumental variable (IV) for parents'(More)
Identifying preventable exposures that lead to asthma and associated allergies has proved challenging, partly because of the difficulty in differentiating phenotypes that define homogeneous disease groups. Understanding the socioeconomic patterns of disease phenotypes can help distinguish which exposures are preventable. In the present study, we identified(More)
  • Rebecca Turner, Jelena Savovic, Hayley Jones, Jonathan Sterne, Nicky Welton, Julian Higgins
  • 2013
Randomised trials vary in methodological quality, and flaws in trial conduct can lead to biased estimation of the intervention effect. If a meta-analysis makes no allowance for methodological flaws, there's a danger that the results could be biased and over-precise, or that some lower-quality trials could be given too much influence in the meta-analysis.(More)
This article asks two related questions: Is digital media studies a discipline, and should scholars within the field desire to move toward disciplinarity? Drawing on the writings of Michel Foucualt and Pierre Bourdieu, as well as several Anglo-American cultural studies of disciplinarity, the essay argues that digital media studies has not yet constituted a(More)