Jonathan Spiegel

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One hundred fifteen subjects took part in a double-blind study comparing the efficacy and safety of 0.5% malathion lotion (Prioderm lotion) and the alcoholic vehicle of the lotion as pediculicides in the treatment of head lice. The subjects, with a mean age of 9 years, had long-standing lice infestations and at least 20 viable ova. The subjects were treated(More)
We investigated the in vitro interaction with and antitumor effect on several murine and human leukemic cell lines of diaziquone (AZQ). L1210 cells accumulated AZQ from Roswell Park Memorial Institute Medium 1640 with or without newborn calf serum by a temperature-dependent and sodium azide-resistant process. AZQ inhibited, in a dose-dependent fashion,(More)
We have studied the murine disposition and pharmacokinetics of diaziquone (AZQ), a new aziridinylbenzoquinone antitumor agent that is currently undergoing clinical trials. 14C-AZQ, dissolved in dimethylacetamide/0.01M phosphate buffer, pH 6.5, 5:95 (v/v), was administered iv to mice at a dosage of 6 mg/kg (18 mg/m2). After injection, mice were killed and(More)
We have investigated the feasibility of administration of an effective dose of the hypoxic cytotoxin, SR 4233, Monday-Friday daily for 6 weeks. From a thorough hematological, histopathological and clinical chemistry evaluation throughout the course and during a 3-week recovery period, we conclude that daily administration of a radiopotentiating dose of SR(More)
Inability to maintain oral nutrition due to oropharyngeal dysphagia is common in patients with a variety of neurological and neuromuscular disorders and severely affects quality of life. Cricopharyngeal dilatation has been used as empiric therapy in these patients, but little data exist on symptom response and there is no data on the effect on the(More)
Ameloblastic carcinoma is a very rare malignant odontogenic tumour with characteristic histopathological and clinical features, which requires aggressive surgical treatment and surveillance and, therefore, differs from ameloblastoma. Metastasis typically occurs in the lung. Only one patient with metastasis to the skull has previously been described and no(More)
The amino acid sequence of the scallop myosin essential light chain (SELC) was determined from analysis of the intact, S-carboxymethylated protein and peptides produced by cleavage at its four methionine residues by cyanogen bromide digestion and at its six arginine residues by citraconylation and tryptic digestion. SELC contains 156 amino acid residues,(More)
External irradiation of the head and neck has been shown to increase the incidence of thyroid carcinoma. Fourteen cases have also been reported of thyroid cancer developing in individuals treated with radioiodine for hyperthyroidism. Another patient's case is reported here to emphasize the possible role of I131 on the genesis of thyroid malignancy and the(More)
Diaziquone (also called "aziridinyl benzoquinone," or AZQ), an antitumor drug designed to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, has demonstrated activity against central nervous system (CNS) neoplasms. Four-hour infusions of carbon-14 (14C)-labeled AZQ (0.8 mg/kg) were given via the left common carotid artery or left brachial vein to two groups of puppies. A(More)