Jonathan Schumacher

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In three experiments we tested the conformity hypothesis--that subjects' ideas would conform to examples they had been shown--by using a creative generation paradigm in which subjects imagined and sketched new exemplars of experimenter-defined categories. Designs made by subjects who had first seen three examples of ideas were compared with those of control(More)
Cancer survivors often relapse due to evolving drug-resistant clones and repopulating tumor stem cells. Our preclinical study demonstrated that terminal cancer patient's lymphocytes can be converted from tolerant bystanders in vivo into effective cytotoxic T-lymphocytes in vitro killing patient's own tumor cells containing drug-resistant clones and tumor(More)
Amyloid beta protein deposition is a universal feature of Alzheimer's disease brain. To investigate the effects of amyloid beta protein in aged primates, intracerebral microinjections of solubilized amyloid beta (A beta (1-40)) and control peptides were made into the frontal cortex of 7 primates under stereotactic guidance. Control injections consisted of(More)
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