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BACKGROUND Insect neuropeptides are distributed in stereotypic sets of neurons that commonly constitute a small fraction of the total number of neurons. However, some neuropeptide genes are expressed in larger numbers of neurons of diverse types suggesting that they are involved in a greater diversity of functions. One of these widely expressed genes, snpf,(More)
Recent studies on Drosophila melanogaster and other insects have revealed important insights into the functions and evolution of neuropeptide signaling. In contrast, in- and output connections of insect peptidergic circuits are largely unexplored. Existing morphological descriptions typically do not determine the exact spatial location of peptidergic axonal(More)
Metamorphosis is a fundamental developmental process and has been intensively studied for various neuron types of Drosophila melanogaster. However, detailed accounts of the fate of identified peptidergic neurons are rare. We have performed a detailed study of the larval morphology and pupal remodelling of identified peptidergic neurons, the CAPA-expressing(More)
Global Observatory for eHealth series-Volume 3 mHealth New horizons for health through mobile technologies WHO Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data mHealth: new horizons for health through mobile technologies: second global survey on eHealth. Requests for permission to reproduce or translate WHO publications – whether for sale or for noncommercial(More)
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