Jonathan Sanderson

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Glucose infusions increased feeding in recovered lateral hypothalamic (LH) lesioned rats in constrast to its suppressant effect in sham-lesioned rats and in rats with lesions unilateral, asymmetrical or anterior to LH. This paradoxical enhancement of eating by glucose was predicted from similar effects seen in vagotomized rabbits and general parallels(More)
Spontaneous meal sizes, intermeal intervals, and 24 hr feeding rhythms were monitored in normal and 60 day recovered vagotomized rabbits fed solid laboratory chow. Mean sizes of meals and intermeal intervals, and the circadian distribution of food intake did not differ between the two groups, but vagotomy was associated with increased frequencies of both(More)
Rabbits were infused with the plant glycoside, phloridzin, which blocks absorption of glucose across a number of bodily tissues. Feeding was dramatically increased in the first 0.5 h following phloridzin infusion into either the duodenum or the hepatic-portal vein of intact rabbits. Food intake covaried inversely with glycemic levels after phloridzin(More)
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