Jonathan S. Min

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— A 900-MHz direct-conversion receiver to detect a frequency-hopped carrier with frequency shift keying (FSK) modulation at 160 kb/s is integrated on the same chip as the transmitter. The receiver combines a low-noise amplifier with downconversion mixers and low-pass channel-select filters in quadrature channels. A digital correlating detector makes the(More)
—Personal Communications Services (PCS) require low-power radio technologies. One such transceiver architecture employing frequency-hopped spread-spectrum techniques is presented. System features such as antenna diversity with equal-gain combining and sequential hop combining are incorporated into the transceiver design to achieve robust wireless digital(More)
Variable-gain amplifier (VGA) is one of the basic building blocks of many communication systems. In this paper we present a novel structure of VGA with 22 db of gain range and 220 MHz of bandwidth frequency variation. This circuit combines a voltage to current (V-I) converter and two-stage CMOS amplifier to achieve programmable gain and bandwidth. The gain(More)
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