Jonathan S. Berry

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The creation of binocular images for stereoscopic display has benefited from significant research and commercial development in recent years. However, perhaps surprisingly, the effect of adding 3D sound to stereoscopic images has rarely been studied. If auditory depth information can enhance or extend the visual depth experience it could become an important(More)
The abilities of lentiviral vectors to carry large transgenes (∼8kb) and to efficiently infect and integrate these genes into the genomes of both dividing and non-dividing cells make them ideal candidates for transport of genetic material into cells and tissues. Given the properties of these vectors, it is somewhat surprising that they have seen only(More)
In this paper, the effects of the accuracy of HV network parameters on calculated make and break fault levels are investigated. Fault level calculations, using computer models, are an approximation to the behaviour of the actual distribution network and, due to assumed parameter values, include a level of inaccuracy. The results of the fault level(More)
Many aspects of retinal photoreceptor function and physiology are regulated by the circadian clocks in these cells. It is well established that light is the primary stimulus that entrains these clocks; yet, the biochemical cascade(s) mediating light's effects on these clocks remains unknown. This deficiency represents a significant gap in our fundamental(More)
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