Jonathan Ruiz de Garibay

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Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) continue to overcome many of the challenges related to wireless sensor monitoring, such as for example the design of smarter embedded processors, the improvement of the network architectures, the development of efficient communication protocols or the maximization of the life cycle autonomy. This work tries(More)
We are witnessing a tremendous hype on the Internet of Things paradigm, with not only research projects, but also commercial products claiming to implement its fundamental mechanisms. Smart-connected-objects designers often have to face decisions on the global architecture of the service, since no single solution is valid for all the cases. In this paper,(More)
There are different experiences in the use of RFID technology for warehouse inventories. However, there is future work to do on the design of advanced reading devices, applying wearable computation techniques and wireless communications. The aim of this work is to allow a natural interaction for the user who performs inventory tasks. In this paper we show(More)
The Internet of Things offers a growing market open to new products. To be able to take advantages of this opportunity companies need to be able to quickly create prototypes of their products. Given the difficulties that the development of embedded devices presents, both on the hardware and software parts, it is a necessity to create tools that ease this(More)
Ambient intelligence is a user-centered concept which combines several computing disciplines with the purpose of enhancing/facilitating the user's daily activities. We deem that autonomous or semiautonomous (remotely controlled) sentient MicroBots may also be first-class citizens within ambient intelligence. Those MicroBots would interact with their(More)
Machine to Machine (M2M) communication is gathering momentum. Many network operators deem that the future of the business on data transmission lies on M2M. In parallel, the application of robotics is progressively becoming more widespread. Traditionally, robotics has only been applied to industrial environments, but lately some more exoteric (e.g. domestic)(More)
The “Internet of Things” concept refers to the vision that allows transformation of the reality of ordinary physical objects to a new level where they can be used as services available on the Internet bringing you information in order to improve business management systems or people's quality of life.
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