Jonathan R. Lidbetter

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Uredo rangelii (myrtle rust) is reported for the first time in Australia — detected on 22 April 2010 &#x2014 from Agonis flexuosa, Callistemon viminalis and Syncarpia glomulifera. This taxon is morphologically distinct from Puccinia psidii, the cause of guava rust, but DNA sequence data place it in the P. psidii complex. Surveys up to the end of May(More)
A rust affecting Myrtaceae was recently detected in New South Wales, Australia. Based on urediniospore morphology and host range, it was identified as Uredo rangelii, a taxon regarded as a member of the eucalyptus/guava rust (Puccinia psidii sensu lato) complex, although confusion currently surrounds its taxonomy. The exotic rust was given the common name(More)
The exotic rust fungus Puccinia psidii sensu lato was first detected in Australia in April 2010. This study aimed to determine the host-range potential of this accession of the rust by testing its pathogenicity on plants of 122 taxa, representative of the 15 tribes of the subfamily Myrtoideae in the family Myrtaceae. Each taxon was tested in two separate(More)
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