Jonathan Peck

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The acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a harbinger for change in health care. There are many powerful forces poised to transform the industrialized health care structure of the twentieth century, and AIDS may act as either a catalyst or an amplifier for these forces. AIDS could, for example, swamp local resources and thereby help trigger national(More)
Elevated phosphorus concentrations in aquatic ecosystems of northwest Arkansas prompted an investigation of the effects of sample preparation and extraction methods on laboratory measures of sediment-phosphorus interactions. Two streams of contrasting phosphorus (P) concentrations were selected to determine the effect of using a CaCl2 solution instead of(More)
Health care reform is upon us, including changes in models of care delivery and physician and institution compensation. The resulting tsunami of uncertainty offers physiatrists the opportunity to relocate to higher ground and help the specialty thrive as well as to identify the possible quagmires into which practices could sink. For this reason, it is(More)
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