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We introduce a dynamic optical arbitrary waveform generation (OAWG) technique that produces bandwidth scalable, continuous waveforms of near perfect fidelity. Additionally, OAWG's complement, real-time arbitrary optical waveform measurement (OAWM) is discussed. These approaches utilize gigahertz-bandwidth electronics to generate, or measure, truly arbitrary(More)
A stable optical frequency comb with 20-GHz spacing is shaped by a compact integrated silica arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) pair to produce optical waveforms with unprecedented fidelity. Complete characterization of both the intensity and phase of the crafted optical fields is accomplished with cross-correlation frequency resolved optical gating (XFROG)(More)
We demonstrate a high-performance optical arbitrary waveform shaper based on a single 10 GHz arrayed-waveguide grating with 64 loopback waveguides and integrated amplitude and phase modulators on each waveguide. The design is compact and self-aligning and allows for bidirectional operation. The device's complex transfer function is manipulated and measured(More)
We describe the precise shaping and mode-resolved amplitude and phase characterization of optical arbitrary waveforms by using a 20 GHz optical frequency comb and integrated 64 x 20 GHz channel arrayed waveguide grating pair. Complex waveforms with large variations in phase and amplitude between adjacent modes were generated and characterized.
This paper presents the concept of an optical transmitter based on optical arbitrary waveform generation (OAWG) capable of synthesizing Tb/s optical signals of arbitrary modulation format. Experimental and theoretical demonstrations in this paper include generation of data packet waveforms focusing on (a) achieving high spectral efficiencies in quadrature(More)
The temporal profile of ultrashort optical pulses may be tailored by physically manipulating the phase and the amplitude of frequency components that are spatially dispersed within a grating pulse compressor. Arbitrary pulse shapes may be synthesized subject only to the usual restrictions imposed by finite bandwidth and spatial resolution. We demonstrate(More)
We demonstrate an optical transmitter based on dynamic optical arbitrary waveform generation (OAWG) which is capable of creating high-bandwidth (THz) data waveforms in any modulation format using the parallel synthesis of multiple coherent spectral slices. As an initial demonstration, the transmitter uses only 5.5 GHz of electrical bandwidth and two(More)