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Faces and bodies are processed by distinct category-selective brain areas. Neuroimaging studies have so far presented isolated faces and headless bodies, and therefore little is known on whether and where faces and headless bodies are grouped together to one object, as they appear in the real world. The current study examined whether a face presented above(More)
Human perception must deal in many cases with dynamism. In face processing dynamism conveys rich social information including facial expression, eye gaze and mouth movements. To examine the response to dynamism within the neural face-processing system, we first identified several face-selective regions using a dynamic face localizer. In addition to the(More)
A substantial minority of patients with terminal illness hold unrealistically hopeful beliefs about the severity of their disease or the nature of its treatment, considering therapy as curative rather than palliative. We propose that this attitude may be understood as self-deception, following the current psychological theories about this topic. In this(More)
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