Jonathan O. Bauer

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Four new beilschmiedic acid derivatives, cryptobeilic acids A-D (1-4), and tsangibeilin B (5) have been isolated from the bark of Beilschmiedia cryptocaryoides collected from Madagascar. Their structures were elucidated using detailed spectroscopic and spectrometric methods. Cryptobeilic acid A (1) and tsangibeilin B (5) structures were confirmed by(More)
Stereocontrolled cycloaddition reactions give efficient access to bioactive cyclic molecules through concerted formation of two bonds and several stereocenters in one step. In particular, the reaction of activated alkenes with azomethine ylides derived from amino acids and aldehydes is a powerful method for the highly stereoselective synthesis of(More)
Dipolar cycloaddition: A highly efficient copper(I)-catalyzed enantioselective [3+2] cycloaddition reaction of 1,3-fused cyclic azomethine ylides and nitroalkenes has been developed. This method provides access to functionalized tropane scaffolds with several quaternary and tertiary stereocenters in a single step under mild reaction conditions.
A natural product-inspired synthesis of a compound collection embodying the tetrahydroindolo[2,3-a]quinolizine scaffold was established with a five step synthesis route. An imino-Diels-Alder reaction between Danishefsky's diene and the iminoesters derived from tryptamines was used as a key reaction. Reductive amination of the ketone function and amide(More)
Biology-oriented synthesis employs the structural information encoded in complex natural products to guide the synthesis of compound collections enriched in bioactivity. The trans-hydrindane dehydro-δ-lactone motif defines the characteristic scaffold of the steroid-like withanolides, a plant-derived natural product class with a diverse pattern of(More)
Iridoids comprise a large group of monoterpenoid natural products displaying a diverse array of biological activities ranging from neurotrophic to anti-inflammatory and anti-tumorigenic properties. Therefore, the development of concise synthesis routes to compound collections inspired by the structural features of these natural products is of particular(More)
Cousins you can count on: An iridoid-inspired compound collection was synthesized efficiently by the resolution of cyclic enones in an asymmetric cycloaddition with azomethine ylides. The collection contained novel potent inhibitors of the Wnt and Hedgehog signaling pathways.
A one-pot transformation of alkan-1-ols into 2-chloroalkan-1-ols is described. As a practical application, terpene-derived primary alcohols were converted into semiochemicals such as olfactory lactones (aerangis lactone, whisky lactone, and cognac lactone) and pheromones (cruentol and ferrugineol). Using heptane-1,7-diol as a bifunctional substrate, the(More)
A straightforward substitution of silicon-bonded methoxy groups by a lithium amide leading to aminomethoxysilanes is presented. DFT calculations allow thermodynamic insight into the unusual equilibrium conditions. The applicability of N,O-functionalised organosilanes is exemplified by the convenient synthesis of an unsymmetrical methoxydisiloxane.