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The World Health Organization estimates that particulate matter (PM) air pollution contributes to approximately 800,000 premature deaths each year, ranking it the 13th leading cause of mortality worldwide. However, many studies show that the relationship is deeper and far more complicated than originally thought. PM is a portion of air pollution that is(More)
A purified diet deficient in the sulfur amino acids and sulfate was fed to chicks in tests designed to compare the effectiveness of several sulfur compounds in sparing the sulfur amino acids. The addition of a mixture of methionine and cystine to this diet increased growth rate and feed efficiency more than any of the other additions. Sulfate improved(More)
Broiler chicks were fed diets differing in calcium (Ca) level, source, and particle size. The basal diet fed in most experiments contained .62% total phosphorus and .49% Ca from sources other than the Ca sources being compared. Performance was not affected by Ca source in diets with .9% Ca. In diets with 1.5% Ca, gain and bone ash were significantly lower(More)
The relationship of peroxidases to an inducible disease-resistance mechanism involving lignification of leaf epidermal cell walls was studied. Reed canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) leaf discs were inoculated with Helminthosporium avenae Eidam and floated on water. In inoculated discs, the activity of soluble, ionic wall-bound and covalent wall-bound(More)
BACKGROUND Administration of vaccines by needle-free technology such as jet injection might offer an alternative to needles and syringes that avoids the issue of needle phobia and the risk of needle-stick injury. We aimed to assess the immunogenicity and safety of trivalent influenza vaccine given by needle-free jet injector compared with needle and(More)