Jonathan Nixon

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The neurobiology and neurochemistry of bipolar disorder and its different phases are poorly understood. This study investigated metabolite abnormalities in both unmedicated bipolar depression as well as mania using 2D 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging (MRSI). MRSI data were obtained from 24 unmedicated bipolar disorder (BP) subjects (12 (hypo)manic(More)
Few studies have examined the relationship between communicative and problem behaviors that are already present in a behavioral repertoire. In this study, a detailed microanalysis of the antecedents and consequences of aggressive and communicative behavior of a 7-year-old boy was conducted. By using both descriptive and experimental methodologies, the data(More)
This study reports the findings from an investigation to evaluate the intra-family dynamics that occurred with 111 cases of childhood drowning and near-drowning in the City of Brisbane in 1971-1975. Personal interviews were obtained with 77 of the families. 24 per cent of parent-dyads separated following the drowning of their child, whereas none of the 54(More)
BACKGROUND Provision of non-pharmacological interventions is a common policy objective for people with dementia, and support groups are an increasingly common intervention. However, there have been few attempts to synthesize evidence on the effectiveness of support groups for people with dementia. This review investigated the outcomes of support groups for(More)
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