Jonathan Nilsson

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The semantic web is becoming a realizable technology due to the efforts of researchers to develop semantic markup languages such as the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML). A major problem that faces the semantic web community is that most information sources on the web today lack semantic markup. To fully realize the potential of the semantic web, we must(More)
The classical Kolakoski sequence K = (Kn) ∞ n=1 is the unique sequence on the alphabet {1, 2} de ned as the sequence of its own symbols' run lengths starting with a 1. The classical Kolakoski sequence was rst studied in a work by Oldenburger [1], where it appears as the unique solution to the problem of a trajectory on the alphabet {1, 2} which is identical(More)
The number of ad-nilpotent ideals of the Borel subalgebra of the classical Lie algebra of type Bn is determined using combinatorial arguments involving a generalization of Dyck-paths. We also solve a similar problem for the untwisted affine Lie algebra of type B̃n, where we instead enumerate a certain class of ideals called basic ideals. This leads to an(More)
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