Jonathan Newport

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I. Diets containing different proportions of skim milk and fat, either beef tallow or soyabean oil, supplemented with fat-soluble vitamins were given to 2-d-old pigs. Each fat source was used in three diets containing approximately 280, 350 and 420 g fat, and 260, 235 and 210 g protein/kg dry matter respectively. 2. The diets were given as a milk containing(More)
Human Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor gamma (PPARgamma) was originally cloned from a human bone marrow library. What role does this ligand activated transcription factor play in hematopoiesis and the immune system? We note that: a) PPARgamma has potential to interact/interfere or synergize with retinoid biology, b) fatty acids and a prostaglandin(More)
Carbon dioxide off-setting policy in the agricultural sector is focused on manipulating the terrestrial carbon cycle by reafforestation and increasing the retention of carbon within agricultural soils. We quantified the amount of carbon stored in the living and dead biomass and the surface soils of a previously grazed woodland ecosystem. We demonstrate that(More)
In baseball, a pitcher throws a 3" ball toward a batter positioned 60.5 feet away. Shapiro et al (2009, 2011) hypothesized that a batter's perception of a pitch could be influenced by changes in the ball's retinal location (i.e., whether the batter views the ball centrally or peripherally). One question concerns whether a curveball spins too fast for a(More)
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