George L. Spaeth4
Thomas M. Bosley4
L. Jay Katz4
Khaled K. Abu-Amero4
Marlene Moster3
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Structure and function of macromolecules depend critically on the ionization states of their acidic and basic groups. Most current structure-based theoretical methods that predict pK of ionizable groups in macromolecules include, as one of the key steps, a computation of the partition sum (Boltzmann average) over all possible protonation microstates. As the(More)
We present a new general technique for protecting clients in distributed systems against <i>Remote Man-at-the-end</i> (R-MATE) attacks. Such attacks occur in settings where an adversary has physical access to an untrusted client device and can obtain an advantage from tampering with the hardware itself or the software it contains. In our system, the(More)
There is considerable recent evidence that parameters thought to reflect the complex interaction between the autonomic nervous system and the cardiovascular system during exercise testing can provide significant prognostic information. Specific variables of great importance include heart rate (HR) response to exercise (reserve), HR recovery after exercise,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the association between BMI, fitness, and mortality in African American and Caucasian men with type 2 diabetes and to explore racial differences in this association. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We used prospective observational data from Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in Washington, DC, and Palo Alto, California. Our cohort (N =(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess the association between exercise capacity and mortality in African Americans and Caucasians with type 2 diabetes and to explore racial differences regarding this relationship. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS African American (n = 1,703; aged 60 +/- 10 years) and Caucasian (n = 1,445; aged 62 +/- 10 years) men(More)
PURPOSE Heterozygous optic atrophy type1 (OPA1) mutations are responsible for dominant optic atrophy, and the down regulation of OPA1 expression in patients with Leber hereditary optic neuropathy may imply that Opa1 protein levels in mitochondria play a role in other spontaneous optic neuropathies as well. Mitochondrial and metabolic abnormalities may put(More)
INTRODUCTION Exercise oxygen pulse (O₂ pulse), a surrogate for stroke volume and arteriovenous oxygen difference, has emerged as an important variable obtained during cardiopulmonary exercise testing. OBJECTIVES We hypothesized that the O₂ pulse curve pattern response to a maximal cycling ramp protocol exhibits a stable linear pattern in subjects(More)
BACKGROUND Sudden cardiac death is the leading cause of on-duty death in United States firefighters. Accurately assessing cardiopulmonary capacity is critical to preventing, or reducing, cardiovascular events in this population. METHODS A total of 83 male firefighters performed Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI) maximal exercise treadmill tests and direct(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether patients with isolated primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) have evidence of chromosomal copy number alterations. METHODS Twenty-seven Caucasian and African-American POAG patients and 12 ethnically matched controls were carefully screened for possible glaucoma and tested for chromosomal copy number alterations using high(More)
BACKGROUND Although the prognostic power of heart rate variability (HRV) at rest has been demonstrated, the prognostic potential of exercise-induced HRV has not been investigated. We aimed to evaluate the prognostic power of exercise-induced HRV during and after standard exercise testing. METHODS Time- and frequency-domain HRV analysis was performed on(More)