Jonathan Mein

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Somatic embryogenesis (SE), the most promising technology to multiply high-value coniferous trees from advanced breeding and genetic engineering programs, is expected to play an important role in increasing productivity, sustainability, and uniformity of future forests in the United States. For commercial use, SE technology must work with a variety of(More)
From May to June 1999, 3,920 ethnic Albanians from Kosovo arrived in Australia as part of Operation Safe Haven. These people were evacuated from refugee camps in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Initial processing in Australia occurred at East Hills Reception Centre, and accommodation for the duration of stay was provided in eight Haven Centres in(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate clinical healthcare performance in Aboriginal Medical Services in Queensland and to consider future directions in supporting improvement through measurement, target setting and standards development. DESIGN Longitudinal study assessing baseline performance and improvements in service delivery, clinical care and selected outcomes(More)
Australia provided a temporary safe haven for nearly 4,000 Kosovar refugees in response to a request for assistance from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). From May 7, 1999, eleven groups of between 50 and 450 refugees arrived in Australia at 2 to 7 day intervals. The refugees were initially received at East Hills Reception Centre in(More)
Monocrotaline (MCT), a pyrrolizidine alkaloid extracted from the shrub Crotalaria spectabilis, induces in the lungs of many mammalian species severe hypertension and fibrosis. Previous work with MCT-induced lung disease in rats has shown that some of the steps to progressive fibrosis can be interrupted or decreased by intervention with retinoic acid (RA) or(More)
Random-dot stereograms were shown to a sample of strabismic patients for whom there was clinical evidence of stereopsis. Two kinds of sterograms were used, one of the usual sort and the other having a contour surrounding the disparate area in each field of view. The patients tested could be clearly classified as belonging to one of three response groups.(More)
While bacterial antigen detection (BAD) tests have been used on cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) with success in the diagnosis of bacterial infection in developing countries, their value in the developed world has been recently questioned. In Darwin, Northern Territory (NT), there are good diagnostic resources but high rates of infectious disease, so it was(More)
In early April 1998, the Centre for Disease Control in Darwin was notified of a possible case of dengue which appeared to have been acquired in the Northern Territory. Because dengue is not endemic to the Northern Territory, locally acquired infection has significant public health implications, particularly for vector identification and control to limit the(More)
One hundred patients with dissociated vertical divergence (DVD) have been followed up for an average of 7.3 years. In contrast to some other reports, none of them has worthwhile binocular vision. There has been a constant association with nystagmus, often manifest, and the DVD has always been noted later than the nystagmus. In no case has the degree of DVD(More)