Jonathan Meade

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Food intake is stimulated following administration of orexin-A into the perifornical region of the lateral hypothalamus (LH/PFA). Orexin neurons originating in the LH/PFA interact with a number of hypothalamic systems known to influence food intake, including glutamatergic neurons. Glutamatergic systems in the LH/PFA were demonstrated to initiate feeding(More)
Intrinsic rewarding effects of estradiol (E(2)) may underlie some of the sex differences that emerge postpuberty for the prevalence of drug use and behavioral responses to drugs, but the effects and mechanisms of E(2) for reward have not been well characterized. Conditioned place preference (CPP), as measured by the time spent on the(More)
BACKGROUND Healthcare providers sometimes receive multiple continuity of care documents (CCDs) for a single patient encompassing the patient's various encounters and medical history recorded in different information systems. It is cumbersome for providers to explore different pages of CCDs to find specific data which can be duplicated or even conflicted.(More)
When the replication of a plasmid based on sucrose selection is deregulated via the inc1 and inc2 mutations, high copy numbers (7,000 or greater) are attained while the growth rate on minimal medium is negligibly affected. Adaptions were assumed to be required in order to sustain the growth rate. Proteomics indicated that indeed a number of adaptations(More)
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