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Gastric emptying is the process by which food is delivered to the small intestine at a rate and in a form that optimizes intestinal absorption of nutrients. The rate of gastric emptying is subject to alteration by physiological, pharmacological, and pathological conditions. Gastric emptying of solids is of greater clinical significance because disordered(More)
The 13C-octanoic acid breath test (OABT) may be a useful non-invasive method for assessing the rate of gastric emptying in dogs. The aim of this study was to determine whether an association exists between body size and rate of gastric emptying in dogs. Fifty-five dogs ranging from 6 to 39 kg were recruited and rate of gastric emptying was assessed using(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the rate of gastric emptying of a semisolid meal by use of the carbon 13-labeled octanoic acid breath test (13C-OBT) and gastric emptying ultrasonography (GEU) in dogs. ANIMALS 10 healthy dogs. PROCEDURE Food was withheld from dogs for 12 hours before ingestion of a test meal (bread, egg, and skimmed milk) containing 13C-octanoic(More)
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