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Terrorism and Communication: A Critical Introduction
1. What Is Terrorism? 2. Terrorism as a Communication Process: Tactics 3. Terrorism as a Communication Process: The Media 4. Terrorism as a Communication Process: The Audience 5. Framing Terrorism 6.Expand
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Telemedicine: Its Effects on Health Communication
This article analyzes telemedicine, the use of distant communication technologies within the context of clinical health care, and the effects it has on health communication. The main effect is thatExpand
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Disneyland Paris: a case analysis demonstrating how glocalization works
This paper analyzes Disneyland Paris and how glocalization theory has been successfully applied to it. Glocalization means interaction of the global and the local. When the park was first opened, itExpand
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Relationship between Knowledge, Stereotyping, and Prejudice in Interethnic Communication
This study describes, analyzes, critiques, and synthesizes four theories pertaining to inte- rethnic communication: the contact hypothesis, Anxiety/Uncertainty Management Theory, Cultural Theory, andExpand
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The Current Condition of Visual Communication in Colleges and Universities of the United States
Abstract This paper is a discussion of the current condition of visual communication in American colleges and universities. In doing so, it analyzes the importance of visual communication and theExpand
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Glurbanization theory: an analysis of global cities
This article analyzes glurbanization theory. The theory rests on the premise that major urban transformations and reconfigurations through interscalar strategies and rescaling processes are a goodExpand
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Wal-Mart: An Analysis of the Glocalization of the Cathedral of Consumption in China
This paper examines the methods adopted by Wal-Mart to cater to local cultures in China. This analysis draws on glocalization, a concept that refers to the interaction of the global and the local, orExpand
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Path-Goal Theory: A Successful Columbia Records Story
This analysis applies the principles of path-goal theory to a renowned music recording company, Columbia Records. By and large, path-goal theory posits that leaders can positively inspire theExpand
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Effective Doctor–Patient Communication: An Updated Examination
This article examines, in detail, the quality of doctor–patient interaction. Doctor–patient communication is such a powerful indicator of health care quality that it can determine patients'Expand
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An Evolutionary Examination of Telemedicine: A Health and Computer-Mediated Communication Perspective
Telemedicine, the use of advanced communication technologies in the health care context, has a rich history and a clear evolutionary course. In this paper, the authors identify telemedicine asExpand
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