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The credibility of web sites is becoming an increasingly important area to understand. To expand knowledge in this domain, we conducted an online study that investigated how different elements of Web sites affect people's perception of credibility. Over 1400 people participated in this study, both from the U.S. and Europe, evaluating 51 different Web site(More)
Through iterative design and testing, we developed a procedure for conducting online experiments. Using this research method, we conducted two recent studies on Web credibility. The data from the first study suggest that Web banner ads reduce the perceived credibility of a Web page's content. The data from the second study show that attribution elements--in(More)
We conducted an online survey about Web credibility, which included over 1400 participants. People reported that Web site credibility increases when the site conveys a real-world presence, is easy to use, and is updated often. People reported that a Web site loses credibility when it has errors, technical problems, or distracting advertisements. Our study(More)
Ratings systems and awards for medical Web sites have proliferated, but the validity and utility of the systems has not been well established. This study examined the effect of awards on the perceived credibility and retention of health information on a Web page. We recruited study participants from Internet newsgroups and presented them with information on(More)
Beginning in the 1980s, New Zealand experienced rising annual rates of campylobacteriosis that peaked in 2006. We analyzed notification, hospitalization, and other data to explore the 2007-2008 drop in campylobacteriosis incidence. Source attribution techniques based on genotyping of Campylobacter jejuni isolates from patients and environmental sources were(More)
This randomized pilot study investigated the effects of meditation with yoga (and psychoeducation) versus group therapy with hypnosis (and psychoeducation) versus psychoeducation alone on diagnostic status and symptom levels among 46 individuals with long-term depressive disorders. Results indicate that significantly more meditation group participants(More)
Multiply connected bounded quadrature domains, with finite connectivity, are reconstructed from their quadrature data using conformal mappings that are ratios of products of Schottky–Klein prime functions. This method provides the natural generalization of the conformal maps to simply and doubly connected quadrature domains constructed by the first author(More)
This dissertation introduces a new method of creating computer graphics textures that is based on simulating a biological model of pattern formation known as reaction-diffusion. Applied mathematicians and biologists have shown how simple reaction-diffusion systems can create patterns of spots or stripes. Here we demonstrate that the range of patterns(More)
A repeated cross-sectional study was conducted to determine the prevalence of Campylobacter spp. and the population structure of C. jejuni in European starlings and ducks cohabiting multiple public access sites in an urban area of New Zealand. The country's geographical isolation and relatively recent history of introduction of wild bird species, including(More)
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