Jonathan Majer

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The least polar of four chromatographically distinct glucosylceramides in both pig and human epidermis, was identified from its infrared spectrum and degradation products as O-acylglucosylceramide. Permethylation studies indicated that the acyl group was attached predominantly (80%) to the C-3 of glucose in the pig and only to the C-3 glucose in the human(More)
Surveillance for invasive non-indigenous species (NIS) is an integral part of a quarantine system. Estimating the efficiency of a surveillance strategy relies on many uncertain parameters estimated by experts, such as the efficiency of its components in face of the specific NIS, the ability of the NIS to inhabit different environments, and so on. Due to the(More)
The mass spectra of the oxinates of zinc, iron(III), manganese(II), nickel, cobalt, aluminium, copper and magnesium have been measured. Concentrations of several of these chelates have been related to the integrated ion currents recorded at a significant m/e value during evaporation of the sample in the source of an A.E.I. M.S.9 mass spectrometer. The(More)
The mass spectra of the oxmates of gallium, dysprosium, beryllium, samarium, cadmium, neodymium, indium, bismuth, lanthanum, yttrium and gadolinium have been recorded. The results have been correlated with the structures proposed m the literature. The integrated ion current method has been applied to determine submicrogram quantities of some of these(More)