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Trade show guidelines for smaller firms
Abstract This article helps managers of small to medium-size firms assess their firm's performance at a trade show. Since smaller firms typically have fewer resources, they must be particularly awareExpand
White Boys Drink, Black Girls Yell...: A Racialized and Gendered Analysis of Violent Hazing and the Law
In the past several decades, legal scholars have directed a modest amount of time and energy toward the issue of hazing. However, only within the past couple of years has there been any concertedExpand
The source of a movement: making the case for social media as an informational source using Black Lives Matter
ABSTRACT Social media is growing as a technological and social phenomenon, with billions of people using it every day around the world. Given its increasing ubiquity, researchers continue to seek toExpand
Stay woke: a people’s guide to making all black lives matter
Stay Woke presents a cohesive, historically contextualized picture of structural and ideological racism in contemporary America, using the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement as a teaching tool towar...
An Investigation of Associations Between Race, Ethnicity, and Past Experiences of Discrimination with Medical Mistrust and COVID-19 Protective Strategies
Results indicate that everyday discrimination and healthcare discrimination were associated with significantly higher general medical mistrust, and healthcarediscrimination and structural discrimination wereassociated with higher endorsement of health-specific COVID-19 conspiracy beliefs. Expand
From Politics to E-Politics: Updating Saul Alinsky's Community Organising Model to Meet the Challenges and Opportunities of Politics in the Information Age
ICTs are slowly being acknowledged as effective tools for political mobilisation in the information age. Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and the Arab Spring are typical examples of how ICTsExpand
'[A] Man and a Brother': Intersectionality, Violent Hazing, and the Law
In this article, my coauthors and I analyze hazing as a legal issue both within the civil and criminal context. We then posit that hazing is not the same across collegiate, Greek-letterExpand
Book Review: Are Black Men Doomed?