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The recent explosion in bandwidth available to home users has caused traffic rates for commercial national networks to increasing rapidly. This presents a problem for any core network monitoring tool as the traffic rate it is expected to monitor is rising on a monthly basis. Security within these networks is paramount as they are now a stable home of trade(More)
Security within the Internet is a serious concern. The developing e-business culture is undermined by the security threats posed by Internet crime. Traditionally, network security has been managed on a local basis. Several mature technologies exist for threat detection and mitigation at the edges of the network but certain classes of security threat are(More)
System and network security are significant challenges facing the Internet community today. Hi-tech crime is on the increase and is a threat to a budding online business environment. Reconnaissance technologies that enable the security community to keep abreast of new threats have been developed and deployed. These technologies monitor illegitimate Internet(More)
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