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BACKGROUND T lymphocytes, components of the immune and inflammatory systems, are involved in such normal processes as wound healing and host defense against infection and in such pathological processes as tumor growth and atherosclerotic plaque development. Angiogenesis is a mechanism common to each. Because CD4+ T lymphocytes are active in regulating(More)
BACKGROUND The relative cognitive and behavioral effects of lamotrigine (LTG) and topiramate (TPM) are unclear. METHODS The authors directly compared the cognitive and behavioral effects of LTG and TPM in 47 healthy adults using a double-blind, randomized crossover design with two 12-week treatment periods. During each treatment condition, subjects were(More)
OBJECTIVE Clinicians monitor cognitive effects of drugs primarily by asking patients to describe their side effects. We examined the relationship of subjective perception of cognition to mood and objective cognitive performance in healthy volunteers and neurological patients. METHODS Three separate experiments used healthy adults treated with lamotrigine(More)
Although typically described in autistic, mentally retarded, and sensory-deprived individuals, motor stereotypies also occur in normal children. In this preliminary report, the behavior modification techniques of habit reversal and differential reinforcement of other behavior were evaluated as a therapeutic modality for the suppression of stereotypic(More)
While each of the two key parameters of oral drug absorption, the solubility and the permeability, has been comprehensively studied separately, the relationship and interplay between the two have been largely ignored. For instance, when formulating a low-solubility drug using various solubilization techniques: what are we doing to the apparent permeability(More)
The purposes of this study were to assess the efficiency of different nifedipine amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs) in achieving and maintaining supersaturation and to investigate the solubility–permeability interplay when increasing the apparent solubility via ASD formulations. Spray-dried ASDs of nifedipine in three different hydrophilic polymers,(More)
Hydrotropy refers to increasing the water solubility of otherwise poorly soluble compound by the presence of small organic molecules. While it can certainly increase the apparent solubility of a lipophilic drug, the effect of hydrotropy on the drugs' permeation through the intestinal membrane has not been studied. The purpose of this work was to investigate(More)
Riverine dams alter both the physical environment and water chemistry, thus affecting species assemblages within these environments. In the United States, dam construction is on the decline and there is a growing trend for dam removal. The Choctawhatchee, Pea, and Yellow Rivers Watershed Management Authority had initiated the permitting process for placing(More)
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