Jonathan M. Hernandez

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BACKGROUND Changes in host tumor genome DNA methylation patterns are among the molecular alterations associated with HPV-related carcinogenesis. However, there is little known about the epigenetic changes associated specifically with the development of anal squamous cell cancer (SCC). We sought to characterize broad methylation profiles across the spectrum(More)
BACKGROUND Acetabularia acetabulum is a giant unicellular green alga whose size and complex life cycle make it an attractive model for understanding morphogenesis and subcellular compartmentalization. The life cycle of this marine unicell is composed of several developmental phases. Juvenile and adult phases are temporally sequential but physiologically and(More)
Analysis of gene expression microarray datasets presents the high risk of over-fitting (spurious patterns) because of their feature-rich but case-poor nature. This paper describes our ongoing efforts to develop a method to combat over-fitting and determine the strongest signal in the dataset. A GA-SVM hybrid along with Gaussian noise (manual noise gain) is(More)
Incubation of rat brain cytoplasmic extracts under the conditions described in this paper results in the formation of three-dimensional gels. Ultrastructurally, these gels correspond to complex supramolecular structures formed by single microfilaments and by microfilament bundles. Analysis of protein composition indicates that cytoplasmic gels are composed(More)
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