Jonathan M. Girard

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OBJECTIVE To compare neuropsychological profiles of adults who had experienced an episode of moderate to severe protein-energy malnutrition confined to the first year of life with that of a healthy community comparison group. METHOD We assessed neuropsychological functioning in a cohort of Barbadian adults, all of whom had birth weight >2268 g. The(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate IQ and academic skills in adults who experienced an episode of moderate-to-severe infantile malnutrition and a healthy control group, all followed since childhood in the Barbados Nutrition Study. METHODS IQ and academic skills were assessed in 77 previously malnourished adults (mean age = 38.4 years; 53% male) and 59 controls (mean(More)
BACKGROUND A definitive diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS), as distinct from a clinically isolated syndrome, requires one of two conditions: a second clinical attack or particular magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings as defined by the McDonald criteria. MRI is also important after a diagnosis is made as a means of monitoring subclinical disease(More)
BACKGROUND Dexamethasone is more efficacious than prednisone in the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), but has also been associated with greater toxicity. We compared neuropsychological outcomes for patients treated on DFCI ALL Consortium Protocol 00-01, which included a randomized comparison of the two steroid preparations during(More)
Theories of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) increasingly highlight the role of neuropsychological impairment in ADHD; however, a consistent and identifiable pattern of performance on tests is not well established. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Executive Abilities: Measures and Instruments for Neurobehavioral Evaluation and Research(More)
Glucocorticoids are an important and universal component of treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Although steroid therapy for many years was given in the form of prednisone, investigators have increasingly shifted to dexamethasone since it has better CNS penetration and a longer half-life [1]. Indeed, several randomized trials have demonstrated(More)