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An efficient Th1-driven adaptive immune response requires activation of the T cell receptor and secretion of the T cell stimulatory cytokine IL-12 by activated antigen-presenting cells. IL-12 triggers Th1 polarization of naive CD4(+) T cells and secretion of IFN-gamma. We describe a new heterodimeric cytokine termed IL-27 that consists of EBI3, an(More)
We have biologically characterized two new members of the IL-17 cytokine family: IL-17F and IL-25. In contrast to conventional in vitro screening approaches, we have characterized the activity of these new molecules by direct in vivo analysis and have compared their function to that of other IL-17 family members. Intranasal administration of adenovirus(More)
BACKGROUND The role of the human camera holder during laparoscopic surgery keeps valuable personnel from other duties. EndoAssist is a robotic camera-holding device controlled by the operator's head movements. This study assesses its introduction into clinical practice. METHOD Ninety-three patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy were randomized(More)
BACKGROUND With improvements in ultrasonography more polypoid lesions of the gallbladder (PLGs) are being detected. The management of these is controversial. METHODS The demographic, radiological and pathological data of 38 patients with ultrasonographically detected PLGs were reviewed. A Medline search for such lesions was performed and a review of the(More)
A monoclonal antibody (D5) raised against affinity-purified cytosol estradiol receptor (REC) from human myometrium has been used to stain human tissues by means of an indirect immunoperoxidase method. Good staining was obtained with ethanol-, glutaraldehyde-, or Carnoy's-fixed material but not with formalin or Bouin's fixation. Cytoplasmic staining of human(More)
  • J M Gilbert
  • 2009
INTRODUCTION Introducing laparoscopic colorectal surgery is a challenge to the whole surgical team. It is usual for an assistant to hold the laparoscope and be responsible for the surgeon's view of the operative field and a lack of expertise in the assistant can add significant difficulties. The EndoAssist is a robotic device that replaces the human(More)
The lateral paramedian incision has been advocated as the strongest incision for abdominal surgery. We have evaluated this incision and tested the necessity for closing the deep peritoneal layer by a prospective randomized trial. All 206 patients undergoing laparotomy in the Surgical Unit in 1984, both elective and emergency cases, were included. In(More)
Opinion is divided as to the necessary extent of parathyroid resection in primary hyperparathyroidism. Some surgeons urge that subtotal parathyroidectomy be performed routinely, while others reserve subtotal resections for patients with parathyroid hyperplasia. In a review of 102 patients treated by parathyroidectomy for primary hyperparathyroidism and(More)