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This paper employs the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey, a nationwide panel, to inquire into the magnitude, determinants, and consequences of occupational mobility in Russia from 1985 to 1998. We show that the restructuring process increases the rate of occupational reallocation. Structural changes account for a substantial part of the increase in(More)
The key feature of the modern U.S. personal bankruptcy law is to provide debtors a financial fresh start through debt discharge. The primary justification for the discharge policy is to preserve human capital by maintaining incentives for work. In this paper, we test this fresh start argument by providing the first estimate of the effect of personal(More)
BACKGROUND Cannabinoid use is prevalent in the United States, with recent reports of increased usage among younger Americans. Traditionally, cannabinoids have been used recreationally or as antiemetics; however, recent reports suggest that chronic abuse can result in the paradoxical effect of a cyclic vomiting syndrome, termed cannabinoid hyperemesis. (More)
Although human tumours are shaped by the genetic evolution of cancer cells, evidence also suggests that they display hierarchies related to developmental pathways and epigenetic programs in which cancer stem cells (CSCs) can drive tumour growth and give rise to differentiated progeny. Yet, unbiased evidence for CSCs in solid human malignancies remains(More)
Geneticists who look beyond single locus disease associations require additional strategies for the detection of complex multi-locus effects. Epistasis, a multi-locus masking effect, presents a particular challenge, and has been the target of bioinformatic development. Thorough evaluation of new algorithms calls for simulation studies in which known disease(More)
OBJECTIVES Emergency departments (EDs) rarely screen for older driving safety. The Trail-Making Test B (TMT-B) is a neuropsychological test that may predict ability to drive. We sought to examine the driving patterns of older ED patients and the feasibility of screening patients in the ED using the TMT-B. METHODS At a single ED at a tertiary care center,(More)
Inherited monogenic skin disorders include blistering disorders, inflammatory disorders, and disorders of differentiation or development. In most cases, the skin is broadly involved throughout the affected individual’s lifetime, but rarely, appearance of normal skin clones has been described. In these cases of revertant mosaicism, cells undergo spontaneous(More)
CONTEXT Despite increased focus on improving palliative care in the emergency department (ED), there is little research on how to best address the specific needs of this patient population. OBJECTIVES To better understand the experiences of acutely symptomatic patients seen in the ED. METHODS Using in-person semi-structured interviews, we explored the(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Although the focus of emergency care is on the diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries or the stabilization of patients for ongoing treatment, some patients may benefit from a palliative approach. Little is known about delivering palliative care in the emergency department (ED). We explore the attitudes, experiences, and(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this article is to highlight medical education research studies published in 2008 that were methodologically superior and whose outcomes were pertinent to teaching and education in emergency medicine. METHODS Through a PubMed search of the English language literature in 2008, 30 medical education research studies were(More)