Jonathan Luchino

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Common factors are thought to control vascular and neuronal patterning. Here we report an in vivo requirement for the vascular endothelial growth factor receptor type 2 (VEGFR2) in axon tract formation in the mouse brain. We show that VEGFR2 is expressed by neurons of the subiculum and mediates axonal elongation in response to the semaphorin (Sema) family(More)
The semaphorin guidance molecules and their receptors, the plexins, are often inappropriately expressed in cancers. However, the signaling processes mediated by plexins in tumor cells are still poorly understood. Here, we demonstrate that the Semaphorin 3E (Sema3E) regulates tumor cell survival by suppressing an apoptotic pathway triggered by the Plexin D1(More)
PIXSCAN is the first micro-CT prototype based on XPAD hybrid pixel detectors whose properties (high signal to noise ratio and detection efficiency) theoretically allow imaging at low irradiation dose. We have tested the impact of repeated imaging sessions with PIXSCAN on living mice. Mice were subjected on average to 10 imaging sessions over two weeks(More)
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