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This paper proposes a novel algorithm for extracting street light poles from vehicleborne mobile light detection and ranging (LiDAR) point-clouds. First, the algorithm rapidly detects curb-lines and segments a point-cloud into road and nonroad surface points based on trajectory data recorded by the integrated position and orientation system onboard the(More)
The mosaicking of orthoimages has been used to cover a large geographic region for various applications ranging from environmental monitoring to disaster management. However, existing mosaicking methods mainly focus on the generation of seamlines between two adjacent orthoimages. In this paper, we present a novel approach based on the use of a seamline(More)
Today, colour or multichannel satellite and aerial images are increasingly becoming available due to the commercial availability of multispectral digital sensors and pansharpening function of the commercial remote sensing software tools. Comparing to their monochromic counterparts, colour image data can offer not only more useful information about landscape(More)
The combination of nonlocal grouping and transformed domain filtering has led to the state-of-the-art denoising techniques. In this paper, we extend this line of study to the denoising of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images based on clustering the noisy image into disjoint local regions with similar spatial structure and denoising each region by the(More)
Graph-based methods are currently popular for dimensionality reduction. However, most of them suffer from over-simplified assumption of pairwise relationships among data. Especially for multi-view data, different relationships from different views are hard to be integrated into a single graph. In this paper, we propose a novel semi-supervised dimensionality(More)
This letter presents a novel method for automated footprint extraction of building facades from mobile LiDAR point clouds. The proposed method first generates the georeferenced feature image of a mobile LiDAR point cloud and then uses image segmentation to extract contour areas which contain facade points of buildings, points of trees, and points of other(More)
This paper presents a survey of literature about road feature extraction, giving a detailed description of a Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) system (RIEGL VMX-450) for transportation-related applications. This paper describes the development of automated algorithms for extracting road features (road surfaces, road markings, and pavement cracks) from MLS point(More)
This paper evaluates the usefulness of the hyperspectral imager (HSI) onboard Chinese HJ-1-A small satellite in vegetation mapping. Fractional vegetation cover (FVC) is an important surface microclimate parameter for characterizing land surface vegetation cover as well as the most effective indicator for assessing desertification and crop growth condition.(More)
The assessment of pavement cracks is one of the essential tasks for road maintenance. This paper presents a novel framework, called ITVCrack, for automated crack extraction based on iterative tensor voting (ITV), from high-density point clouds collected by a mobile laser scanning system. The proposed ITVCrack comprises the following: 1) the preprocessing(More)